today’s 69 min theme was glasses :^)

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its a good anime

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Anonymous : Where do you find the 69 min naruto prompts?


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tonight’s naruto 69 min challenge theme was movie night :^)

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Anonymous : cowboy kakashi thoug


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anime redraw

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Anonymous : too embarrassing?! If that's the case please please pleaaase embarrass yourself. aaa, i want to see it!

well generally i try to avoid embarrassment at all costs

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Anonymous : omg please post it ,even if it's under read more and you delete it five minutes later (that way if you want to delete it people won't be able to see it even if it's reblogged, it'll lead to a not found page) I mean it's your choice and of course I understand but please just consider it okay? T^T (and sorry I hope i'm not bothering you again this is only and only if you decide you yourself want to post it q.q)

omggg its ok anon

the files are on another computer which i dont have access to rn so i couldnt post it even if i wanted to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Anonymous : because of your vampire au picture I've been wanting to see a picture where kakashi sucks gai

i actually drew an entire 3 page vampire au comic where he does but it was too embarrassing to post 

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i havent drawn my kids in so long :””’)c

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